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Diana / 22 years old / loves Super Dangan Ronpa 2

toshio-fukawa: yo, I've been following your blog ever since it started having dangan ronpa stuff, and I've gotta say that the 'April showers bring May flowers.” piece is truly beautiful. Not that all of your other stuff isn't, but just that one stands out.*takes off hat*

Hello! Thank you it was meant to be a special gift so I tried to communicate certain feelings the commissioner had towards their friend. I appreciate you’ve been following me for so long. Means a lot!


"Trigger Warning"  

A Danganronpa 0, 1, and 2 Anthology

$20 | 50 pages | 8 x 10.75” - NOT spoilers-free

emi diana faiell finni gaulllimaufry ichi kris lavrentty mero mirukupie moriar-tea | sushes 

Featuring 12 artists, we are proud to present Trigger Warning, an all inclusive DanganRonpa fanbook! With 40+ pages of illustration and 8 mini comics, all of us have worked very hard on putting this book together, I hope you will all enjoy our efforts!! Thank you for all your support :D

Pre-Orders are Here, shipped approx. Early June. International shipping available. Pre-orders through here will come with a 4” x 6” mini print bonus by moriar-tea!! 

I, along with other artists attending Fanime this year, (May 23-26, San Jose) will also have the book available at con. If you will be attending it this year, look for the table with a bajillion dangan ronpa prints and I will probably be there! 

Hello guys! Please support our DR fanbook! We’ve been working really hard on this and I’m very pleased with the result! I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. Thank you!


Awwwwww!! Thank you, anon! That’s adorable. (*´∀`*)